ArrestedNKHATABAY (Malawi NewsNow) –A 25-year-old Vutisani Banda has been jailed for unlawfully wounding his ex-wife, Martha Zimba, and maliciously damaging her mobile phone.

Nkhata Bay First Grade Magistrate’s Court heard that that the convict and Zimba divorced and have a child between them.

Danfold Otala of Malawi Police, prosecuting, told the court that on Christmas Day, the convict found his child alone at Zimba’s home not dressed, and when he asked about her whereabouts, he learnt that she had gone to dance Chilimika, a cultural dance among the Tonga performed by women and girls only, as part of Christmas festivities.

He then followed his ex-wife, grabbed her and  started battering her in front of the gathering . The woman was undressed as her clothes were torn apart during the assault

Banda’s actions were contrary to Sections 241 and 344 of the Penal Code.

He pleaded guilty to both charges of unlawful wounding and malicious damage.

First grade magistrate Billy Ngosi ordered Banda to pay K20 000 to Zimba or in default serve a six-month jail term.