Sibo Kalea has been bonking Viola

Sibo Kalea has been bonking Viola

LILONGWE (Malawi NewsNow) –Presidential Spokesperson, Gerald Viola, has been exposed by his own wife who out of anger has leaked nude pictures of a teenager he has been secretly having sex encounters.

The young girl identified as Sibo Kalea has been having sex with married Viola for several months now on ‘pay-as-you-sex’ social contract.

His wife found the naked pictures in Viola’s phones which he has been refusing to unlock the password claiming it has “State House top secrets.”

Her chances came two days ago when she managed to peep into what her husband does on Whatsapp. This is when she came across Sibo’s naked pictures which she took while with Viola at a lodge in Area 47.

It is believed that the wife beat Viola with pots and other kitchen utensils the same night and the Presidential spokesperson fled for his dear life in boxer shorts.

He has been sleeping out since then.

Mrs Viola is now searching for Sibo as she wants to teach her a lesson on how to keep her legs together in the presence of married men.