ArrestedMCHINJI (Malawi NewsNow)- Malawi Police in Mchinji have arrested a 47 year old grandfather for defiling his grand daughter.

Mchinji police spokesperson Moses Nyirenda alleged Kaliseyo Lauleni met her 14 year old grand daughter on a path that passes through a bush.

Nyirenda said Lauleni allegedly dragged the girl off the path into a bush whilst showing her bank notes as way of luring her into sexual intercourse and managed to defile her.

However, the girl’s mother, who is Lauleni’s dauhter found that her daughter was finding it difficult to walk as she looked to be in pain.

When the mother asked the girl what was wrong, she pointed a finger at her grandmother whom she alleged had defiled her.

The mother immediately reported the matter to Mchinji police who immediately acted swiftlly by arresting Lauleni and took the girl to hospital where defilement was confirmed.

The girl had also to undergo HIV test because her grandfather is on ARV treatment and has been sked to go again for the HIV test after three months for conclusive results.

Both Lauleni and her grand daughter hail from Mmenya village in Chief Mlonyeni’s area in Mchinji.