Skeffa Chimoto

Skeffa Chimoto

BLANTYRE (Kimpho Loka) –Musician Skeffa Chimoto has slammed the speculations that he confessed being satanic.

Rumours have been making rounds on social media that Skeffa had made the confession during an interview with one local Christian radio station last week.

It is speculated that the “Chinamuluma Chakuda” musician claimed other local artists, including leading gospel group Great Angels Choir, used to be devil worshipers.

But Skeffa in an interview rubbished the rumours, saying “It’s all fake, I have never been a Satanist”.

“I don’t know and I don’t want to assume who is doing [this] because it is easy to have a very wrong assumption,” said Skeffa, sounding depressed.

“But God is taking care of it. I’m okay [and] am doing my job,” expressed the musician, who also took his frustrations to Facebook, where he blamed the rumours as works of people who do not wish him well.

He retorted: “If you want to know the deep trueth [sic] about this, ask those who have listened to it and ask them which radio station was it. You can go to that radio and ask them if I once had such a radio programme at their station.

“It has never been my wish to please everybody in the works I do because I know that is never possible. But I know that when some people somewhere hate me, there are also many other people that love my work.”

Skeffa went ahead to say: “I don’t wish any bad to all those who always dream bad about me and my work. If anything, I pray to God that he reminds them that it’s a sin to tarnish an innocent person’s image.”