dead personMULANJE (Malawi NewsNow) –A sombre mood has engulfed Mzizira village in traditional authority Mthiramamja in Mulanje district where a young man, Sanudi Bonongwe, has killed his own mother with bare hands just because she confronted her over his stealing of a bicycle.

The police have said that the boy is a notorious criminal and in the recent case he stole two bicycles, one of which was for the mother and when the mother realised it was him who had stolen the bicycle she reprimanded him of the same.

“Upon being accused of the malpractice instead of been remorseful he picked a quarrel with her and he assaulted her right away,” said a police officer in Mulanje.

The police have said that the boy first though that the mother had just fainted but when he realised that she was actually dead he became crazy and opted to bury the remains in his own house.

As bad luck could be, owner of the other stolen bicycle went by other members of the community to conduct a search at the house of the boy.

“Whilst in the house, they were suspicious of the fresh dug soil where they thought the said bicycle was hidden only to find the body of the woman,” said an officer at Mulanje.

The police arrested the son in a manhunt at Nkando where he was seeking market of the stolen bicycles.