Demand better Malawi-TwitterLILONGWE (Papious Liwonde, Malawi NewsNow) — Malawians have taken to Twitter to launch a campaign called #DemandaBetterMalawi following the collapses of the economy and poor leadership.

Malawians are being encouraged to get involved with the campaign, engage with others and lobby more to seek change and end the country’s hardships.

Apart from uniting Malawians in the diaspora with those at home, the campaign serves to send a strong message about change to relevant authorities.

Campaigners are alluding their demands to the pathetic situation which the country is going through.

But President Peter Mutharika promise to tackle the economy, jump-start it , saying he will deal with corruption and its perpetrators decisively, because corruption has a negative impact on the economy as donors are withholding aid after the cashgate scandal.

.Mutharika says his administration wants to resume the economic programme with the IMF [International Monetary Fund], so that Malawi can access resources necessary to fix the growth process.

“ People are not interested in rhetoric – he must walk the talk and deal with the K577 billion cashgate scandal that happened nder his late brother’s rule,” Tweeted one Malawian.

Mutharika argued that the economy had been adversely affected by cashgate scandal, high domestic debt and the decision of donor countries and agencies to withhold aid.