Lucius Banda - Malawi is cursed to allow gays

Lucius Banda – Malawi is cursed to allow gays

BALAKA ( Papious Liwonde, Malawi NewsNow) –Member of Parliament for Balaka North, Mr Lucius Banda has expressed disapproval the decision by President Peter Mutharika and his government to suspend laws that criminalize homosexual acts in the country.

Banda comments comes after Minister of Justice Mr Samuel Tembenu announced that has government has dropped charges against two men – 19-year-old Cuthbert Kulemela and 39-year-old Kelvin Gonani -who were arrested under gay sex laws .

The Minister also announced that all charges against the two men had been dropped, while a “moratorium” on gay sex convictions will be introduced to adhere to “universally accepted human rights standards”.

In a Facebook post, Banda wrote: “When they say poverty is a crime that’s what they mean. As long as we live as beggars to the western countries we have no moral grounds to condemn the evils that come with it.

“When you don’t pay even a penny in your hospitals, when you continue with free primary education, when you enjoy the free fertilizer and seed via FISP, when you celebrate free malata and cement, yet your country is struggling economically, that’s what happens.”

Banda also suggested that God will judge Malawians for not using what they were given to develop themselves.

“If we don’t pay through our sweat we end up paying through our morals and dignity. As a God fearing country, God will not excuse us for this sin, rather he will say I gave you everything you needed to succeed but you never used it until you embarrassed me by selling your country, money vs Mathanyula (sex between people of the same sex.),” he said in the post.