illustration of sexBLANTYRE (Malawi NewsNow) -Malawian boys, as young as 13, have found a new hobby of buying cheap sex from elderly commercial sex workers, according to a newspaper investigative report in some dark corners of Blantyre on some nights .

The practice, according to The Nation newspaper, is rampant across the country. At Chemusa and Kachere in Blantyre, it is the same story. At Bwandiro in Lilongwe, Paris in Mzuzu and G-String in Zomba apart from other busy rural areas, it is young boys and girls that dominate activities at drinking places.

There is a reason, the paper quotes the boy: “Women are cheaper and it’s better to sleep with an adult because you appreciate new things than what I experience when I am with my girlfriend who is an age-mate. It prepares us to be stars when sleeping with girls of our age and when we go into marriages.”

Angella Wiley, a lecturer at the University of Illinois in US, writes in her booklet Understanding Children’s Sexual Behaviours: What’s Natural and Health that most experts agree that children do not learn about sexuality in just a day.

“By the time children reach school age, they may touch their genitals when they are going to sleep or when they are anxious. They may talk about sexual behaviours with others and engage in show-and-tell games with others.

“As they grow older, there is more desire to see how sexual organs of different age groups look like and in most cases they like watching pornographic materials or having sexual intercourses with different age groups to appreciate,” reads in part the booklet.

Malawi laws dwell much on the responsibility of bottle store operators. In Malawi, Section 74 and 75 of Laws of Malawi prohibits both employment and allowing young persons aged below 18 to buy and drink beer or do any sexual activities in premises licensed to sell beer.