Traffic Police delay to release vehicles impounded

Traffic Police delay to release vehicles impounded

BLANTYRE (Malawi NewsNow) – There was commotion in the central business district of Limbe in Southern Malawi when running battles ensued between Minibus drivers and conductors on one side and the Police on the other. Reason? The former were not amused with the conduct of Traffic Police to impound their mini buses.

The Mini bus drivers and conductors were angered by what they called un fair conduct by Traffic Police who impounded over 350 minibuses Wednesday because of various offenses which they did not specify.

“This has caused our businesses to halt. And passengers are also affected as over 300 mini buses are with the Police yet they are failing to charge us.

“We want an immediate release of the mini buses otherwise we will not let any Police Officer do work in this Town of Limbe,” shouted one Mini bus operator.

The angry drivers and conductors were joined by call boys and other people who just wanted to bring chaos in the city to force the law enforcers release the mini buses unconditionally.

The commotion took over two hours to calm down as the police first took it lightly.

Things came to a standstill when the people blocked the way to Kanjeza Training College with burning tyres which forced the Police to unconditionally fire gas canisters.

Newly crowned Southern region Police Spokesperson James Kadadzera while confirming of the mayhem said the operators were not sincere.