BLANTYRE (Malawi NewsNow) -Piksy, real name Evans Zangazanga, has hit back at Onesimus, born Armstrong Kalua, surprise single “Open Letter” purportedly addressing Piksy to consider turning back to God as a born-again Christian, saying God needs his life to continue with the vision they shared in reaching out to the world.

Piksy said all he wants, as he has done in his song Mthunzi, is to break the culture of secrecy surrounding prophets and their prophecies which, he said, most of them are not true

The song was hitting Onesimus, the self-styled Major Junior who talked about miracle money being in his pocket, wallet and bank account..

He said people should question and talk about these issues, usually considered as taboos, for the sake of sanity in the Christian world.

“ These people [prophets] lie to us, and people are afraid to speak just because it’s the name of God in question. But God is not something that we need to be afraid of because God is love.

“As musicians, everybody has his own role to take. I may not be preaching, but I reach out to people with the good messages such as use of contraceptives. Not all of us can be pastors,” he said.

Onesimus, who is based in South Africa, after leaving Nde’feyo Entertainment, reminisces of dreams he had with Piksy to spread the gospel all through the world.

In the song, Onesimus raps on a Meek Mill type of beat talking about how he feels for his lost brother.

He also raps about  never leaving God despite being judged. Further he asks his brother to repent because God is calling him.

Piksy has been scorning Onesimus for quite a long time on social media.

With the capturing of a spirit on the IPhone by Prophet Shepherd Bushiri, Onesimus’ spiritual father, the relationship of the two has taken a twist for the worse.

Recently, Piksy refuted Onesimus’ claims that angels are meant to be commanded by humans, an altercation which might have prompted his ex-mate to retaliate as he was made the butt of jokes on social media.