Kalua - Claims being targetted for attack

Kalua – Claims being targetted for attack

LILONGWE (Tamanda Manda, Malawi NewsNow) –Member of Parliament for Rumphi East Kamlepo Kalua has accused the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) of plotting to kill him for his brevity to reveal top secrets in “elected dictatorship”.

“I am not surprised, this is not for the first time, when someone gets you arrested without a crime just know that that person wants your life and I was arrested for three months and ten days for calling the late Bingu ‘aka ka Ngwazi’ during a political rally in Zomba.

“This time around women have been assigned after my life to poison me but it will not work because I know all that,” said Kalua.

Kalua is on record to have criticized the ruling DPP for the purchase of vehicles for top government officials at a cost of K3 billion amid the economic shakeup the country is going through.

“When we talk about the vehicles, I understand that they bought four vehicles for the President worth K650 million, four VXs for the Vice President worth K280 million, 10 Prados for senior officers worth K1 billion and 30 Land Cruisers for Principal Secretaries worth K2.6 billion. So, who is misappropriating money?” Kalua said in parliament.

He continued: “And these are not mentioned, yet they are there. If they want evidence we have chasis numbers, we have engine numbers and when they were bought. Some of these were bought in March this year and some have just been bought. Government is not telling people that it has spent almost K3 billion on vehicles. They are not saying this and we are asking: why are they misinforming the people of Malawi?”

But government spokesman Mr Jappies Mhango has challenged Kalua to tender his evidence to substantiate his claims.

Mhango also denies any plot to terminate the life of Kalua.