Mlaka and Sibo -Cheaters

Mlaka and Sibo -Cheaters

BLANTYRE (Malawi NewsNow ) —UK-based Malawian prostitute, Andulire Mwambira, who made headlines in British tabloids when she claimed she had a series of sex encounters with Manchester City star Yaya Toure and the midfielder’s brother Kolo of Liverpool, has gone viral on social media smearing Malawi’s celebrated singer and now evangelist Mlaka Maliro.

At first Mwambira claimed to have had sex with Mlaka when he visited England last year to sing. She claims they met in Manchester and had a quickie romp and demanded the church leader to pay her money or she will keep embarrassing him.

And now she is posting more photos of Mlaka on Facebook has included photos of another Malawian girl Sibongile Sawati (Sibo Sybo Sawart ) saying Mlaka apart from piping the prostitute, he was cheating on his wife, gospel singer Bernadetta Maliro, with Sibo.

“The pastor came here and was busy laying hands on you (not in the spiritual way) while his wife thought that he was praying for people,” wrote Mwambila to his friend.

It is claimed hat Mlaka’s shagmate is on a run in UK after being charged with deliberately infecting men with HIV.

Maliro is now a full time pastor, evangelising at Cross Life Ministries in Chilomoni, Blantyre.