DUBLIN (Alexious Mloza-Banda, Malawi NewsNow) – The Honorary Consul for the Republic of Malawi in Ireland, Fr. Patrick O’Malley will formally announce his retirement as the Honorary Consul for Malawians living in Ireland, a community which he has served and helped for over ten years, at an event set for 24 October 2015.

O’Malley, an Irish Catholic humanitarian priest, served in Malawi during his active priesthood days in 1970’s. A fluent Tumbuka speaker, O’Malley is also well recognized as one of the Catholic priests who played a significant role in the development of multiparty democracy in Malawi.

Since becoming honorary consul of Malawi in Ireland in the early 2000, Fr.O’Malley has helped the Malawi community in Ireland in many ways such as, mediator for Malawian students and various college owners in Ireland, getting Malawian Immigration authorities to come to Ireland to process passport applications and also cemented the link between the Malawi High Commission in UK and the Malawian Community in Ireland as well as the Irish authorities with Malawians in Ireland.

Happiness Mwase, chairperson of The Association of Malawians living in Ireland (AMAI), said, ’’O’Malley’s wisdom and selfless service to the Malawian community will be greatly missed by those who worked with him closely, especially the AMAI Executive members, past and present. Our community will never be the same without his input and help.’’

Commenting on who will take over as the new Honorary Consul, Mwase said,’’ We have written to the High Commissioner informing him of this development and the need for someone to take over. We are still waiting to hear from them as this is a matter to be decided by the Malawi government.’’

To honour O’Malley for his services to the Malawian community in Ireland and give him a well-deserved send-off, a dinner and dance party has been organised on 24 October 2015, at Brasserie 7 Restaurant, located on 1 Capel Street, Dublin 7, starting from 7pm.

The AMAI executive is urging all Malawians living in all regions of Ireland, to come on the day.