No more MCP in power-Francis Kasaila

No more MCP in power-Francis Kasaila

LILONGWE (Papious Liwonde, Malawi NewsNow) –The ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) says the Malawi Congress Party (MCP) will never come back to power because it has lost its credibility following reports that its president Dr Lazarous Chakwera, who is also leader of opposition , is a beneficiary of luxury brand new car bought by parliament amidst poverty.

DPP spokesman Mr Francis Kasaila says MCP has been too critical of government of President Prof Peter Mutharika, when they are not clean themselves.

He says MCP better join hands with DPP to meet the aspirations of people than waste time in rhetoric.

“The truth of the matter is that MCP will never come back to power. I don’t think the current MCP leadership will inspire people,” said Kasaila.

Amidst incessant verbal wars between the two parties, DPP’s spokesperson Francis Kasaila says it is

He says Malawi was going through a political landscape of moving forward and that whoever was still in the MCP was lagging behind.

“Let the opposition come with constructive views and not always stand to oppose everything we do. Let them join us in building this nation,” says Kasaila.

But MCP spokesperson Dr Jessie Kabwila says come next elections, MCP will form the next government .

“If it’s about taking the whole village to New York while hospitals have no drugs, then MCP will not do that kind of ruling Malawi. MCP will be back to power to govern and not to rule as DPP are cruelly doing,” says Kabwira.

MCP has since said that it is time for the DPP to heal the sick economy and stop political fire fighting.