Malawi nurses

Malawi nurses

LILONGWE (Malawi NewsNow) –Malawi government is appealing to National Organisation of Nurses and Midwives of Malawi (Nonm) not to go ahead with its threat to take strike action, saying public hospitals will be thrown into chaos if nurses stop work.

The nurses body has threatened that they will call for a strike actiong if government does not rescind the decision to withdraw deployment of the recruited 339 nurse-midwives and intern doctors.

But Ministry of Health has urged Nonm to give dialogue a chance for the concerned parties to appreciate reasons behind government’s decision, saying   a strike will lead to disaster..

inistry of Health spokesperson Mr Adrian Chikumbe says “going ahead with plans to call for a nurses’ strike is creating a problem on top of another and it won’t take us anywhere.”

According to Chikumbe, he decision to withdraw deployment is in line with public sector reforms.

However, Nonm president Ms Dorothy Ngoma said their intervention with top ministry officials has revealed that the process may have been used as a scapegoat and that the reasons are financial.

Ngoma demanded that government should pay and re-recruit the concerned health workers as they are employees of the ministry by virtue of the letters of employment they were offered.</p>

“Our worry is raised on the basis that when the National Assembly passed the 2025/16 budget, the 339 graduating students were included in it and the allocations included an amount for their remunerations,” said Ngoma during a presser in Lilongwe.

According to Ngoma, the main concerned party with government’s decision on the health workers is the the Human Resource for Health (HRH) coalition that comprises Nonm, Malawi Health Equity Network (Mhen) and the Malawi Congress of Trade Unions (MCTU).