Chikuni -Outlined solutions

Chikuni -Outlined solutions

LILONGWE ( Peter Phiri, Malawi NewsNow) – Lilongwe Water Board (LWB) outlined solutions which are under-taking to ensure that current water problem is solved and provide potable water all the time for all people in Malawi on Thursday 2015 at Madzi House in Lilongwe.

CEO for LWB Mr Alfoso Chikuni, speaking during press briefing attributed the less or zero supply of water in most parts of Lilongwe area as to bursting of pipe at the main pumping Central Zone.

The old broken pipe is already being replaced by a new one by a Malawian contractor who is expected to finish the whole excise by Saturday.

“Currently water is treated at our two main treatment works with a combined daily capacity of almost 95,000 cubic meters a day against a total demand of almost 120,000 cubic meters a day, hence extension of the one of treatment plant project. Once the project is completed it will increase the production capacity to almost 125, 000 cubic meters per day. Pipe re-routing, lowering and replacement covering Area 25 Area 49 are also crucial”, he said.

He also said that despite having the two dams, low water levels in the raw water source is becoming a major threat to ensuring that potable water is delivered adequately to all the citizens of the city of Lilongwe and surrounding areas.

Every year Lilongwe Water Board opens its two dams in the month of September to mainly supplement the natural flow of the Lilongwe River; however, this year due to the low water levels, the reservoir was opened for use in July, almost three months ahead of time hence hindering water process.

Water is life. Water is a precious resource and a crucial ingredient and catalyst for development and for all human development, however he urged all the public to take an active role in preservation and protection of natural resource (Dzalanyama Forest Reserve and many others) so that the water levels both ground and surface are high and also reducing the bills.