K-Bonnie captured in Sunshine Bright Lights vide

K-Bonnie captured in Sunshine Bright Lights vide

LILONGWE (Harold Kapindu, Mana) – Lilongwe based rapper K-Bonnie has released visuals for “Sunshine Bright Lights”, a single which was released in April this year off his yet to be released “When a Black Sheep becomes Elephant in the room” EP.

The video, released on 28 September 2015 was shot in some parts of Chinsapo Township, Bwalo la Njobvu and City Center in Lilongwe.

According to K-Bonnie, the video was produced and directed by Augastine “Auga” Kaponda who also worked with the rapper on his “Freedom Aint Free” and “Facts of Life” 2012 music videos.

“I usually do not work with different people because we differ in ideas. For some reasons I find it difficult to clique with most artists because they are resistant to tackle some issues which normally seem to be provocative or controversial in nature. I therefore feel comfortable working with producers and videographers who welcome my concepts.

“For instance, I write scripts for all my videos including this recent one. Auga simply directs, edits and we co-produce together. We have chemistry and our work ethic is the same,” Explained K-Bonnie.

“Sunshine Bright Lights” audio was produced by Lilongwe based Rebel Musiq and mixed by Ivor Otomani of Oto Boys Music Inc. while “When a Black Sheep becomes Elephant in the room” EP is expected to have productions from Ireland based Namez and Rebel Musiq.

Watch the video here