illustration of sexMASVINGO (Malawi NewsNow) –A pastor who had s-ex with a female congregant whose marriage he had solemnised has been slapped with a $10,000 adultery lawsuit.

Nobert Dondo, 36, of Victory International Church Ministry took advantage of Peter Chikwama’s business trip to South Africa and bedded the man’s wife Tracy Chikwama, 24, in the couple’s matrimonial bedroom.

The two lovebirds were caught red-handed having “quality time” by Chikwama of Mucheke suburb who arrived home earlier than expected without his wife’s knowledge.

Chikwama has dragged Dondo to Masvingo Civil Court demanding $10,000 from the pastor for the adultery.

 Chikwama said Dondo humiliated him and brought misery into his life by engaging in a s-exual relationship with his wife, despite the fact that he looked up to him for counselling as their pastor.

The adulterous damages were listed as $5,000 for loss of consortium and another $5,000 for loss of contumelia.

Dondo denied the allegations when he appeared before magistrate Dorothy Mwanyisa at the civil court .

He said he was not in love with Chikwama’s wife and had been at their house for church related business.

Chikwama and Tracy were customarily married in 2009 and wedded in 2013, with the pastor presiding over the ceremony.

The couple has a six year old daughter.

Mwanyisa heard how on August 7, Chikwama returned home from South Africa only to find the two having s-ex in his house.

“I arrived late around midnight and made my way to the bedroom since I had the keys. I was taken aback to see pastor Dondo on top of my wife. The two were having quality time in my bedroom and on my bed. Upon realising that I had seen him, Dondo stormed out of the house and fled but left his sandals behind,” said Chikwama.

He said Dondo proceeded to Chikato Police Station and filed an assault case against him.

Chikwama said he was arrested and spent two nights in police cells before being released after being cautioned.

He said after his release from police cells, he found Tracy not at home and does not know her whereabouts.

The matter continues on September 16.