Nevin -Industrial hemp

Nevin -Industrial hemp

LILONGWE (Malawi NewsNow) —British High Commissioner to Malawi, Mr Michael Nevin on Wednesday asked the country to consider production of Indian hemp for commercial production.
In a statement, Nevin he said local policy makers and the public to consider whether industrial hemp has potential to be a Malawi’s growth crop.

“The hemp being suggested is an industrial variety which is potentially and economically viable not the illegal cannabis or marijuana,” he said.

He said the industrial variety of hemp practically cannot induce the effects seen in the other varieties.

British envoy added that Malawi’s focus should be on whether Malawi can make an economic success of the industrial type of hemp which came into existence thousands years ago and was sought after for its strong fibres.

Before mechanization, he said, the British Navy relied on Hemp Bast fibre for its sails, ropes and uniforms. The hemp is also a nutritious food ingredient and can be good improving soil conditions. Its stems are used for making fibre building material.