SEXSEX TALK – Most doctors require that women stay away from sex for a period up to six weeks before they have penetrative sex.

The reason for the delay is to allow them heal, especially where the woman had vaginal lacerations and episiotomies or infections that need to be cleared.

But some women still have deal with some sexual, even after waiting for the six weeks ‘no-sex period’.

Two common problems are vaginal pain/dryness as well as low libido:

  1. Painful vaginal dryness – it is one problem that many women face due to post-birth hormonal changes. The reason for this is that, when a woman is breastfeeding, estrogen and testosterone are suppressed, leading to poor natural lubrication problems and a thinning of the vaginal lining. SOLUTIONS: To deal with this, use moisturizers which rehydrate vaginal tissue. It makes the vaginal tissue more elastic but it takes a long period. Also water or oil based lubricants are effective. They add moisture which reduce the friction in the vagina. Another option is to try estrogen therapy, in the form of a cream, ring, or pill, is another option for treating vaginal dryness.

  2. Low sex drive can also occur after childbirth – many women also suffer low libido after giving birth to a baby. This may be cause by the stress of caring for the new baby. It could also be due to the suppression of testosterone due to breastfeeding or postpartum depression. When this happens, the woman is just not that interested in sex. SOLUTION: Getting out of this needs both mental and physical determination and effort. It is advised that you exercise, eat healthy foods and be around people that make you happy. It is a largely mental issue that can be resolved through therapy/counselling or relating with other nursing mothers.

It is important that you discuss any sexual problems you have with your husband to prevent other problems from developing.

Staying away from him without explanation is as counterproductive as enduring painful sex.

So speak and find a solution together…