NewsNOWDUBLIN (Malawi NewsNow) —Parents of two children who fled Malawi because of an alleged threat by their grandfather to violate “a virgin from his own bloodline” has won temporary relief against deportation in Ireland after the court granted them an injunction.

According to reports in Ireland Independent and Irish Examiner newspapers, the parents had sought the injunction after they failed in their 2009 application for asylum. They then sought subsidiary protection which allows someone who does not fall within the definition of asylum-seeker to seek protection on the basis of persecution if sent back to their home country.

They also failed in that application and appealed to the Court of Appeal which granted their application for injunction against deportation pending the full hearing of their case.

The children are a girl, 8, and a boy, 7. The boy was born here but is not a citizen. The girl arrived in Dublin with her mother in 2008 when she was two and both children are going to school there.

The witchdoctor allegedly said that, in order to be cured, the grandfather would have to have sex with “a virgin from his own bloodline”, the judge said.

A Refugee Appeals Tribunal said there were many doubts surrounding their credibility.

Mr Justice Hogan said if one was to look at the parents’ position in isolation, he would not be in favour of granting the injunction.

However, the balance of convenience lay in favour of the children remaining in the State given the implications for their schooling, friendship and family structures, he said.