GAY MANCOVENTRY (Malawi NewsNow ) —Malawian gay HIV patient who fears he will be jailed for his homosexual status if deported from England to Malawi has attracted reaction from British people on his asylum claim, and they want a Birmingham immigration and asylum tribunal to order his deportation.

Judge SS Chohan heard: “The Government in Malawi has no respect for homosexuals and I will be prosecuted if I am sent back there. I know several gays who have been persecuted.”

A decision will be made at a later date, with concerns raised about the treatment of gays in Malawi, where homosexuality remains illegal.

But British people responded on social media to give their views on the Coventry Telegraph story, and the reaction – both for and against – is compiled below.


Coventry Against Racism: “This man has faced enough prejudice and persecution and should under the circumstances be allowed to stay and receive the medical care he needs. Sending him back would literally be like signing his death certificate. If that was to happen it would be shameful and those wishing his return should hang theirs heads in shame.”

Leigh Davies: “The NHS is refusing medication to children who are British citizens with life threatening conditions because they can not afford the cost. Yet they are treating people who have no entitlement to the NHS. If he is here illegally regardless of his sexuality or illness he should be deported!”

Clair Littlewood: “Definitely shouldn’t be entitled to free care.”

Peter Surtees: “We deny treatment on the NHS to those who are entitled to it in favour of those who are not.”

Liz Edwards: “Deport him.”

Katherine Bayley: “It disgusts me how people don’t take into account how lucky they are to be born in England with an NHS service and where you won’t be prosecuted for your sexuality. Give the guy a break – he’s a human being!”

Richard Wiseman: “It’s called the National Health Service, not the World Health Service! Sorry, we can’t afford your treatment.”

Andrew Webb: “He was on a short-term visa, so he should be deported.”

Claire Adams: “Send him home.”

Michael Douglas: “Good to see the usual gladiatorial assessment on social media.”

Sharon Chapman: “I am sorry about his circumstances but we have children being denied medical care because of low funds, we can’t save the whole planet.”

Liz Edwards: “He should have had medical insurance.”

Shanice Gorton: “Send him home.”

Steve Linton: “Go home.”

Jules Stock: “Send him back.”

Desiree Baker: “Deport him.”

Tash Bowman: “He should be deported.”