Young girls sexually abused

Young girls sexually abused

MANGOCHI (Malawi NewsNow) — Malawi Police in lakeshore district of Mangochi say they are worried by the increasing cases of defilement with many people blaming parents who have many children when they can’t meet their basic needs for food, clothing and shelter.

According to Mangochi police spokesperson, Inspector Rodrick Maida, defilement in the district is becoming a worrying phenomenon.

Mangochi has registered over nine cases since January this year compared to seven cases as at the same period last year, representing a 28.6 percent increase, Maida disclosed.

“Defilement cases in Mangochi have become worrisome development as we’ve registered three cases in a space of three days between August 09 and 12 this year,” Maida said as quoted by Malawi News Agency.

Local leaders say socio-cultural norms are a main contributing factor to sexual violence against children.

Many people think that once a girl starts menstruating or develops breasts she is ready for marriage.

“Culture has found that when a girl engages in any sort of sexual activity and gets pregnant, the only remedy is marriage,” Mr Mailosi Sado a fish trader observed.

“People still think that if you sleep with a virgin you will be cured of AIDS,” he added.

Police spokesman agrees that culture promotes silence, especially in cases of incest.

Maida has urged other partners to join hands with the police in sensitizing communities on the dangers of the malpractice.

“The police would like to call upon civil society organisations responsible for human rights advocacy to assist it (police) in civic educating people against indulging in the act before the situation gets out of hand since we believe it is happening as a result of moral decadence,” he said.