manhoodBULAWAYO (Chronicle) — A rapist who was sentenced to 20 years imprisonment for raping a girl, 5, stunned a packed court yesterday when he said that his manhood was as big as that of a donkey. Therefore, he said, if he had indeed raped the girl considering his massive manhood, she was going to suffer ruptured private parts.

Frank Phiri, who was employed as a herdsman by a Bulilima family, told regional magistrate Abedneco Ndebele, that the sheer size of his male organ was reason enough to prove he did not rape the girl.

“When this girl came and testified against me, she was walking properly with no evidence that she had been raped. She wasn’t even limping. I’ve a huge pe**s, and if I had raped her, she wasn’t going to walk properly,” said Phiri.

“I didn’t rape the girl and I think all witnesses in this court were bribed to convict and send me to jail.” In mitigation, Phiri said he was a father of three children whose ages he did not know as he last saw them 10 years ago.

“I’ve five goats and no money on my person,” said Phiri. Ndebele, however, said it was clear that Phiri had raped the girl.

“The five year old girl was brave enough to testify against you in court and her testimony was straight to the point. You are found guilty as charged and therefore sentenced to 20 years imprisonment of which two years are suspended on condition of good behaviour,” said Ndebele.

During trial, Phiri presented four defence outlines claiming that he was being framed by the girl’s mother.

“This woman got angry when I refused to give her US dollars in exchange of Rands. She was irked by my actions and made a fake rape report,” said Phiri in his first defence.

“When the girl was taken to the hospital for medical examination, her mother gave the nurse-in-charge $50 as bribe so she could fabricate a medical report that proves the girl was raped.”

Phiri later claimed he was assaulted by police officers who made him admit to raping the girl.

“There’s something I’ve been keeping to myself which proves I didn’t rape her because I didn’t want to embarrass a lot of people. I also saw a group of children who took a plastic paper and rolled it up before inserting it into the girl’s privates. I witnessed them doing that,” he said leaving the court in stitches at the end of the defence case.
Prosecuting, Concilia Ncube said the girl’s mother left her daughter under Phiri’s supervision on April 22 around 7AM.

“The complainant’s mother left her daughter at her neighbour’s homestead under the care of Phiri who works as a herdsman as she went to fetch water from a nearby borehole. In her absence, Phiri summoned the child into his bedroom hut where he raped her once and ordered her to remain quiet over the incident,” said Phiri.

She said upon her return, the juvenile’s mother found her daughter crying and learnt that she had been raped by their neighbour’s herdsman.

Ncube said the woman reported the matter to the police resulting in Phiri’s immediate arrest.