Prostitute - Andulire Mwambila

Prostitute – Andulire Mwambila

MANCHESTER (Malawi NewsNow ) — A self-confessed UK-based Malawian prostitute, Ms Andulire Mwambira, who made headlines in British tabloids when she claimed she had a series of sex encounters with Manchester City star Yaya Toure and the midfielder’s brother Kolo of Liverpool, has been poting her bank statements on Facebook detailing how her clients have been depositing cash in her bank accounts.

Mwambira, who also uses the name Sandra Ntonya, was once married to Mr Alex Ntonya.

She has also posted a video where she repeats issues of Toure brothers, saying “they were chilling” in her flat.

Mwambira boosts in the bank statements that she make more money in sex trade than people in other trade.

She brags that offers her sex services to rich and influential men .

In one of her postings, Mwambira also attacked her father, saying he was abusing like ‘Idi Amin’ – a Ugandan president known for his brutal regime while in power from 1971 to 1979

She prides herself as a “hooker” and does not feel ashamed to be in the old profession in the world.