Mchinji stadium project

Mchinji stadium project

MCHINJI (Sarah Munthali, Mana ) — Mchinji residents’ dream of having their own stadium will soon become a reality, as the first phase of construction of the mini stadium has commenced.

Construction work started in May 2011 but stalled due to lack of funds.

The project was financed using locally generated revenue by Mchinji District Council and part of other recurrent transactions (ORT).

The construction is community driven as members of two football teams—Mchinji Boma Stars and Mchinji Ranks—asked the council to construct a structure to be used for various sporting activities.

A visit to the mini-stadium which is located at the heart of Mchinji Boma revealed that some of the works at the site include a perimeter fence, landscaping, gates and complete netball and volleyball courts. There are also terraces on one side and the VIP stand which is at roofing stage.

Mchinji District Council director of public works Mr Oscar Kumwenda said the council wrote a proposal to Local Development Fund (LDF) for funds for the project and K25 million was approved.

New district commissioner for Mchinji, Mr Richard Hara, is optimistic the stadium would be completed soon.

He said: “The final report on the stadium would be presented to the next full council meeting.”