CHEATERS - Dalphine and married Alexander

CHEATERS – Dalphine and married Alexander

INDIANA ( Malawi NewsNow)—Wives and girlfriends of Malawian men living in United States of America have ganged up against Miss Daphine Patel, who lives in Southbend Indiana, accusing her of being a “home-wrecker” hooking their men.

Daphine, a beautiful babe who is a student at  Ivytech community college, has had her photos leaked to Malawi NewsNow with a married man Mr Alexander Manda, a father of three children and has been with his wife for 20 years.

The photos were found in Manda’s phone.

Manda, a truck driver, has admitted cheating to his wife and has since apologised.

But it has emerged that Daphine has been going to bed with many married Malawian men, prompting the wives to expose her.

“She’s a homewrecker,” said one of the Malawian woman who suspects her husband has sex with Daphine.

Dalphine could not comment on  “slut shaming.”