GAY MANBIRMINGHAM (Malawi NewsNow ) —Malawian gay man who is an HIV patient fears he will be jailed for his homosexual status if deported from England to Malawi, a Birmingham immigration and asylum tribunal has heard.

According to reports in British media, the Malawian man who stays in Coventry –  the tribunal ruled his identity should not be revealed – is appealing against a British Home Office decision to deport him.

The Malawian said he feared his parents would find out he is HIV if his identity was made public, and that the Malawian authorities would “single” him and those closest to him out.

He also revealed he was in a relationship with a man from Coventry and produced medical evidence to show he was being treated for HIV at the George Eliot Hospital, Coventry.

Homosexuality remains a criminal offence in Malawi .

He told the tribunal: “The Government in Malawi has no respect for homosexuals and I will be prosecuted if I am sent back there.

“I know several gays who have been persecuted.”

The Home Office, however, questioned his sexuality: “You did not reveal you were gay during interviews with the Home Office?”

The government official accused him of not providing enough evidence about his sexuality, but conceded: “He could be gay.”

Chohan said he would make a decision at a later date.

Campaigners in Malawi and other African countries have claimed that homophobic legislation is causing gay men to conduct their sex lives in secret, making it hard for health professionals to reach them with information that could protect them from and prevent HIV and Aids.