Shamed mom

Shamed mom

BALAKA (Malawi NewsNow) — Malawi Police say they have arrested a teenage boy in the eastern district of Balaka for sleeping with his own mother who gave birth to him.

The boy, according to police, had sex with the mother who was drunk.

Balaka police spokesperson Inspector Joseph Sauka, the boy’s younger brother caught the sight of her mother having sex with his brother.

When the brother found them, the boy froze in horror, realizing that he’d been caught. The mother in a drunken state acted as if nothing had taken place.

Because the brother is a witness in the case, the names of the accused are withheld.

The son confessed to police that he bonked his mother.

He said he found his mother lying on a mat without a panty and he got horny then started having sexual intercourse with her, according to Inspector Sauka.

Police have charged the boy with incest which attracts a prison sentence of 5 years.

The suspect hails from Khoswe village in the Traditional Authority Nsamala of Balaka District.