Malawi's President, Peter Mutharika warns against killing wild animals

Malawi’s President, Peter Mutharika warns against killing wild animals

LILONGWE (Malawi NewsNow ) —President Peter Mutharika has warned that his government will apply tough laws against people who kill wild animals and degrade the environment.

He said Africa and in particular Malawi are beautiful places rich in wild and plant life, that his country will do everything to ensure such beauty is conserved.

“Those smuggling or killing our wild animals will face the law. Careless cutting down of our trees is a crime. We aim to harness wildlife and environment promotion policies and also working to introduce laws that will make these acts strong crimes,” he was speaking at Parliament House in Lilongwe.

The development of the National Conservation Policy, he said, is key.

Minister for Natural Resources, Energy and Mining Mr Bright Msaka said the caucus will see parliamentarians become conservation activists.

“We also have the Parliamentary Committee on Environment. In the caucus we are adding 178 more activists. True activists are not those who will point at a river and say it is dirty, but real activists will go out and clean the river,” he said.

He also revealed that his ministry had in the meantime detained a truckload of hardwood at the border with Tanzania at Songwe.

Malawi is losing most if its green cover and wild life to fraudulent loggers and poachers, including foreigners like Europeans who externalise rare fish species and Chinese who kill elephants for their ivory.

Malawi population of lions and rhinos have also greatly dwindled forcing government to spend millions importing from South Africa.

Newly introduced and growing mining industry is also a great threat to the Malawian ecosystem and environment in the absence if new and resonate policies that enforce environmental management.

Speaker of National Assembly, Mr Richard Msowoya was in attendance.