First Lady Mutharika, speaking when launching the campaign

First Lady Mutharika, speaking when launching the campaign

NTCHEU (Blessings Kang’ombe, Malawi NewsNow ) — Malawi government has launched a national campaign on cervical cancer aimed at raising awareness of the disease amongst women in the country.

The campaign was launched under a theme “stop cervical cancer, save lives of women through cervical cancer screening.”

Malawi’s first lady Madame Getrude Mutharika who is also vice chairperson for Organistion of African First Ladies against HIV/AIDS presided over the launch in Ntcheu by encouraging more women to undergo for cervical cancer screening in the country.

“It is worrisome that statistics on cervical cancer are showing that every year 2,300 women in the country are diagnosed with the disease and 1,600 loose their lives.”

The first lady therefore called upon women as well young girls who already started child bearing to go for cervical cancer screening across all district hospitals in the country once or twice every

Madame Mutharika then said doing so will help to reduce unnecessary deaths among women that occur due to the disease as it is curable if detected at early stages.

United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) deputy country representative to Malawi Dr Rogaia Abudelrahim emphasizes  the need for a multisectoral approach if the campaign is to register a success in the fight against cervical cancer.

“Most women fail to undergo cervical cancer screening test hence resulting to most of these deaths as indicated in the statistics. Therefore, my appeal is going to all women to take this opportunity by going for cervical cancer screening,” Dr Rogaia concurred.

She however retaliated UNFPA’s commitment support towards Malawi’s health sector for sustainable and health population among Malawian citizens.

In Malawi, the campaign will be jointly supported by UNFPA, Organization of African First ladies against HIV/Aids and Malawi government through Ministry of Health.