wildlifeLILONGWE (Malawi NewsNow ) — Department of National Parks and Wildlife Director, Mr Brightone Kumchedwa, has said government will comply with a High Court order that over 700 pieces of ivory weighing 2.6 kilograms each be destroyed by fire within 20 days.

Mzuzu High Court Judge, Dindiswayo Madise ordered that the ivory pieces be burnt in public by the government through the Department of National Parks and Wildlife.

“This will set precedence to those in the same malpractice. Possession of ivory is illegal in the country,” he warned.

Kumchedwa said the government has welcomed the ruling by the court and it will soon put the pieces on fire.

“The government through the department will comply with the court order so that the burning is done within the set period,” he said.

Currently, he said, the department is putting the serial numbers to the pieces before the actual burning is done.

Two brothers Patrick and Chancy Kaunda were arrested for being in possession of the pieces.