Ndovi - No fees

Ndovi – No fees

LILONGWE (Malawi NewsNow ) —The Malawi government through Ministry of Education says the nation of continue enjoying free primary education for all and that people should not be misled byAlliance for Democracy (Aford)’s president Mr Enoch Chihana claims that President Peter Mutharika leadership plans to institute a MK5,000 tuition fee in primary schools to implement its zero-aid budget, effective next school calendar.

Ministry of Education’s Spokesperson, Mr Manfred Ndlovi assured  that government has no plans to introduce primary school fees as alleged by Mr Chihana.

“As of now, government hasn’t any plans to introduce tuitions fees in primary schools rather working on best modalities of such initiative for enhancing quality education in the country. This is a standing lone model of making sure that Malawian children access basic free education services.

“We understand the system has some huddles but it can reach to an extent of instituting fees for already stricken economy to the citizenry. The ministry will continue providing free primary education to all public schools”, assures Ndlovi.

Malawi free primary school education was introduced in 1994 in United Democratic Front (UDF)’s Bakili Muluzi era in a bid to increase access to basic needs education for the rural masses which still faces numerous challenges including lack of teaching, learning materials, inadequate of teaching staff with little motivation, low and late payment among others.