KASUNGU (Malawi NewsNow ) — Dave Kapichiria of Kawamba village, Traditional Authority (T.A) Wimbe in the central district of Kasungu has been found guilty of ‘sexual defilement’ to a seven year old girl and sentenced by the Kasungu First Grade Magistrate court to spend 12 years in jail .

According to Kasungu Police Station Spokesperson, Edwin Kaunda was found guilty by Magistrate Daniano Banda of the defilement charge which he committed on the evening of July 4, 2015.

The convict committed the crime when he met the girl the time she was coming from Mkando village where she went to see her aunt such that Davie grabbed the girl’s neck and dragged her into a nearby bush where he sexually defiled her.

“The girl reported the ordeal to her mother then rushed the matter to Kasungu Police Station which the law enforcers referred the victim to Kasungu District Hospital where medical examination revealed that the girl was really defiled,” Kaunda said.

Davie was arrested on July 5 that on July 8, 2015 appeared before the court where he denied the charge of defilement.

But with five witnesses the state Prosecutor Inspector Griffin Luhanga paraded the court found Davie guilty of the defilement charge beyond reasonable doubt.

The convict asked the court for “lenient punishment” based on big responsibility of taking care of his family and other relation.

But Magistrate Banda said that defilement cases were  rampant in the district therefore the convict deserved a stiffer punishment “ to deter those would be offenders.”