First Lady with women — Source of warmth

First Lady with women — Source of warmth

LILONGWE (Malawi NewsNow ) —Malawi First Lady Mrs Gertrude Mutharika says women are key to Beautify Malawi charity she heads but took time time define who a beautiful woman is, saying “beautiful women means beautiful Malawi.”

Speaking to a group of women who attended a fundraising event for her Beautify Malawi Trust (BEAM), the First Lady said beauty starts with a woman.

“Women are the source of warmth as we shine and brighten all the corners of our society. Just think to yourself, pause for a while, and imagine what kind of world it would be, without women.Your answers are correct. It would be a world without beauty,” said Mrs Mutharika.

The First Lady said her BEAM would like to open more space for women participation in its task to beautify Malawi.

“Beautiful women have taken a frontline role in cleaning up our country. Women are carrying out sanitation activities in their homes, schools, hospitals, market places, and in the public places,” she said.

The First Lady also applaude the support and commitment shown by some men who are equally working hard in beautifying Malawi.

She said BEAM understands beauty as a notion that goes beyond one’s appearance.

“Beauty is more than one’s outward looks. Beauty is also the state of heart, the state of mind, and the passion that one has to take care of our society. A beautiful woman is one who shows love for others, and is willing to help their neighbour.

“A beautiful woman is also one who is not self-centered, ‘osadzikonda,’ a woman who volunteers and sacrifices her time for the benefit of the larger society.”

Mrs Mutharika said BEAM sees a direct relationship between beauty and education.

“An educated nation is a beautiful nation. This is why BEAM has a component of promoting education, especially for girls in our programming.

“We encourage girls to be educated because education beautifies the mind, and education is the only sure way for ensuring a beautiful Malawi.”

She called for unity amongst women and love each other, saying “ let us do away with the pull-down syndrome, let us support each other.”

Mrs Mutharika said beauty and backbiting do not go together.

“Beauty and jealousy do not go hand in hand. Beauty and envy are not cousins.  Let us remove any traits that distort our image as beautiful women. Beauty must be associated with love,” she said.