lolSOCIAL MEDIA (Malawi NewsNow ) —The use of LOL, the acronym of laugh out loud, is waning and being replaced by “haha” and emoji, according to a study into “e-laughing” conducted by Facebook.

An analysis of posts in May found that even “hehe” is more common than LOL.

Just 1.9 per cent of posts featured LOL, compared with 51.4 per cent for “haha”. Emojis featured in 33.7 per cent of posts and “hehe” came in third place with 13.1 per cent.

The study focused on Facebook posts and did not include direct messages, where users would be more likely to “e-laugh”, according to reports.

The analysis found that men and women used different modes to convey amusement.

Men tended to use more “haha” and “hehe”, while women tended to prefer emoji.