Emphatic apology to Mrs Cjhikumbutso Manda

Emphatic apology to Mrs Cjhikumbutso Manda

INDIANA (Malawi NewsNow) — Superboom! Wife to Mr Alexander Manda, a Malawian based in United States of America has been softened up with the husband’s cheating act after he has bought her a state of the art car –pictured.

Manda’s wife of 20 years with three children has forgiven his husband after he was caught with naked photos having “enjoyment” with mistress Miss Daphine Patel, who lives in Southbend Indiana.

And the wife has put the matter at the back of her mind; shaming “the home wrecker”.

She can ride her car with peace of mind listening to the song by Nigerian Olamide:

Enjoy yourself baby boo;

Bae boo, Bae boo;

Even your boo get a boo;

A boo, A boo.”

study published in the Archives of Sexual Behavior found that there were lots of reasons people commit adultery.

There are, in fact, numerous — endless — reasons to engage in an extramarital affair that are, in the end, as complex as they are irrational.

Simply put, cheaters cheat because they can.