Bamusi - Government will send auditors

Bamusi – Government will send auditors

NTCHEU (Malawi NewsNow) —Civil society leaders in Malawi’s central district of Ntcheu have asked government to institute a forensic audit at the district council on allegations that authorities are not transparent and accountable on funds.

This comes as recently the council has been rocked in a number of audit queries for mismanaged funds for various activities.

Activist raised the concern when presidential aide on civil society organization Mr Mavuto Bamusi met with them to seek views and suggestion on a number of initiatives being undertaken by current regime.

On records Ntcheu district council is suspected to be embezzling funds meant for various development activities among others hence civil society leaders in the district called government to act swiftly.

For example, few months ago a visit by a team from Local Development Fund (LDF) and led by Director of Local Government Services Administration Mr Kiswell Dakamau to appreciate some developments reveals a syndicate where a loan of over 9 Million Kwacha for development fund for local authority (DFLA) acquired from LDF was mismanaged by officials.

It is allegedly that council officials wrote a report to LDF indicating to have finished all under signed projects at Tsangano rural growth centre to rehabilitate houses and toilets as well as acquisition of furniture and refurbishment of council chamber in the district.

But it was then discovered that only refurbishment and acquisition of councils chamber furniture were undertaken leaving out Tsangano rural growth centre activities despite LDF paying the money for the said projects.

Authorities from LDF had no option but press officials from the council to explain how they used the funds but until now nothing has been told about the matter.

However, DFLA loan is not the only audit query as currently the council is failing to pay suppliers, chiefs honororia, Escom, Central region water board among other creditors money amounting over 100 Million Kwacha.

In his remarks, presidential aide on civil society organization Mr Bamusi disclosed that government will soon send auditors at Ntcheu district council on said allegations.

He further said another team of auditors will also be dispatched to various district councils across the country as Ntcheu could just be an example of such financial mismanagement activities taking place in respective district councils.