Rappers Pop Dogg (L) and Revolver

Rappers Pop Dogg (L) and Revolver

BLANTYRE  (Malawi NewsNow) –Malawian rapper Revolver criticised the media especially online for being obsessed with covering Ireland base Pop Dogg, saying he artistic profile is exagarated.

It all started after reports that Ireland based Pop Dogg would be shooting his next video in Dublin City.

“How the hell is Pop Dogg still getting media coverage in Malawi? First, he ain’t even a Malawian citizen.

“And even if he was, his music is still garbage. Kodi amalawi timatengeka tikangomva kuti munthu ali kunja bwanji, we aint proud of our own?”

“I know dozens of talented singers and rappers that have never appeared in a newspaper yet people all over Malawi love their music, amamvela Pop Dogg wanuyo ndani?”

“I ain’t a hater,I love to see talented artists succeed. Especially my fellow Malawians. RE”, Revolver fired shots at Pop Dog via social media.