Malawian teacher has child writing English on a blackboard in a classroom

Malawian teacher has child writing English on a blackboard in a classroom

LILONGWE (Malawi NewsNow) –An umbrella body of all teachers in the country, the Teachers Union of Malawi (TUM),  has threatened to  shut down all schools across the country in the next three months if government fails to address their  demands on teacher overdue promotions and payments of salary arrears accrued for years.

TUM General Secretary Denis Kalekeni said: “We have put forward to ministry of education our demands regarding promotions and in five categories, first category there are people who presented a petition to the ministry who had upgraded themselves but ministry is not recognizing their promotion.

“The second group are people who were promoted but have not been given their arrears, another group are teachers who were promoted but have not received their letters.”

“I would like to put it on record that we are going towards closing of school term on 24th July, we will ensure that everything that requires discussions and agreements be done before we open the schools during holiday so that when teachers come back from holiday they must receive what they deserve.

“Now I would like to sound a stern warning on behalf of all teachers to the ministry of education and any other government official who will not take these issues seriously that come the time when we shall be opening school for the new academic year we shall definitely call for sanctions against ministry of education and that does not rule out failure to open schools if ministry of education will not utilise the holiday time to solve this mess which is three months to resolve these issues”, said Kalekeni.

Ministry of Education Spokesperson Manfred Ndovi said all necessary measures are in place to respond to all teacher concerns within a reasonable time frame adding that the ministry always put teacher demands as a priority.