Tay Grin

Tay Grin

LILONGWE (Malawi NewsNow)-Malawian rapper Tay Grin aka Nyau King took to his Instagram account  to celebrate  his awardby the Chewa Heritage Foundation for advancing their culture through his rap music.

“I have no words to express my gratitude, honor and excitement. The culture I have for 10 years represented and promoted through my music has awarded me in recognition for my efforts. I am totally speechless and so grateful,” wrote Tay Grin born Limbani Kalilani, a Chewa himself from the central Dowa district,.

“This is history and for my tribe of more than 10 million people in this country alone to recognize me I say thank you. This just sparked my fire 10 fold,”  posted Tay Grin.

He was awarded during the Chewa Cultural Night in the capital city Lilongwe on Friday night  alongside former State Vice President Dr Justin Malewezi, Malawi Congress Party president Dr Lazarus Chakwera and Archbishop Tarsizius Ziyaye of the Roman Catholic Church, among others.

Tay Grin also revealed that the senior chiefs and foundation members had officially endorsed his Nyau King moniker.

Tay Grin fuses traditional beats from the Nyau Tribe and modern day hip-hop. His music targets mostly the youth urging them to take pride in their nation and culture. He has at several occasions gone on stage with the Gule Wamkulu dancers of the Chewa Tribe who he has also featured in his music videos among them “Stand Up” and “The Beach”.