sodomyLILONGWE (Malawi NewsNow) —The Lilongwe magistrate’s court has denied bail to Malawi police officer Mr Enock Chiwanda, who is being accused of male rape charges and other sex offences.

The 50-year-old cop, who has been suspended from duty, was arrested on allegation that he sodomised a 16-year-old street kid last month.

Lawyer Mr Khumbo Soko representing Chiwanda submitted a lengthy plea for the court to release the police officer on bail but the court declined.

State Prosecutor Ms Cecilia Zangazanga told the court that the victim remains vulnerable and if Chiwanda is released, he may interfere with his testimony.

He was arrested after officials from Chisomo Children’s Home in Lilongwe, where the victim reported the matter, took it up with relevant authorities.

The case was being kept under wraps as senior officers have been embarrassed by the crime.

Chiwanda is said to have coaxed the boy to accompany him to shell maize at his house and get paid. It is alleged that the officer then took the boy to a lodge at Msundwe were he sodomised him.

This is the second time Chiwanda has been charged on such an offense.

He was also charged four years ago when he was on-duty rape of another man, a suspect held in police cell.