Grace Matsuka - I was beaten in front of kids

Grace Matsuka – I was beaten in front of kids

DUBLIN (Malawi NewsNow) — Malawian mother of two children based in Dublin, Ireland, Grace Matsuka who prides herself as “Malawi hot girl” has revealed how she was badly beaten by her ex-husband Lloyd Matsuka recently in full view of their two kids.

She now hopes to lift the lid on the deep-rooted acceptance of domestic violence by Malawian woman on their husbands and even baby fathers who they broke up.

Matsuka an organiser of Miss Malawi Ireland beauty pageant has released a video which she has circulated online detailing how Lloyd who lives in England visited her home in Dublin to visit their children and ended up beating hear.

Through her Facebook name ‘Gracey Irish’, she says in the video that Lloyd Matsuka, a medical practioner, apologised for his barbaric actions.

“ I have an email of apology and yet is telling lies that I am the one violent towards him. Look at me I have nothing like that in my blood . A man who fights with a woman is a coward,” she says.

She has meanwhile changed her Facebook name to  Gracey Mserembo Matsuka :”Finally I changed my name employers have been looking for me now I have to be careful what I say or comment.”

Many Malawi women have suffered domestic abuse but cases rarely come to light because of the stigma attached to speaking out.

Young women are taught by their elders to accept punishment from their husbands when they are disobedient.

The long and short of all of this is that it is not acceptable to beat anyone. Simple.

A man who beats a woman is, let’s face it, weak and lacks self control and possibly has latent mental health issues -being unable to control ones own actions in anger is in fact a mental health problem.