LILONGWE (Malawi NewsNow)- Malawi Immigration officials has started  collecting entry fees from U.S. citizens  and the Biritish arriving at Kamuzu International Airport in the capital Lilongwe as well as Chileka Airport in the commercial city Blantyre and at least some border crossing posts.

Malawi introduced a visa fee of $75 (K33 375) for all nationals from countries that require Malawians to pay visa fees when visiting them, according to a June 17 2015 circular.

“The Government of Malawi, through the Ministry of Home Affairs and Internal Security, has effective 1st July, 2015, introduced an entry fee of $75 into the Republic of Malawi for nationals whose countries require Malawians to pay visa fees,” reads the circular.

Payment of the entry fee is only being accepted in U.S. dollars after immigration officials on Monday started asking for visa fees to the nationals from the United Kingdom (UK) and United States of America (USA).

.The U.S. Embassy is alerting Americans that it understands that the entry/visa fee will not be officially implemented until October 1, U.S.

However citizens arriving in Malawi should be prepared to pay the fee upon arrival or at the designated Immigration Department office following their arrival.