Gondwe with new savings ban owner Thom Mpinganjira

Finance Minister Goodall Gondwe with new savings ban owner Thom Mpinganjira

ZOMBA (Malawi NewsNow)-A legal expert says if the sale of the Malawi Savings Bank  (MSB) is against the wish of the majority of Malawians then citizens have the right to drag government to court for failure to serve the interests of the majority of Malawians.

This comes after government sold MSB to FDH Holdings Limited whose owner is a business tycoon Thomson Mpinganjira and National Bank bought Inde bank.

The sale has seen the majority of Malawians are not convinced by government on why the hurry to sale the bank without giving a proper chance for Malawians to decide.

Speaking in an interview Enoch Chilemba law lecturer at Chancellor College  in Zomba said the aggrieved Malawians should not despair but seek constitutional intervention.

“What has happened is like we have gone ahead with the sale of MSB without necessarily getting the idea of what Malawians want, so the question is, do Malawians have a remedy in the constitution, yes I refer to section 7, 8 and 9 that outline those three arms of government, the executive, judiciary and the legislature, these are given responsibilities.

“Whatever they do, they must do to serve the interests of Malawians. So if Malawians are not happy after noting that the sale of MSB has not served their interests then they have the right to legal redress by seeking a constitutional review process to analyse the problem.

“If they feel the sale of Malawi Savings bank is not in their best interest then they can take government to court to interpret what government has done using those constitutional provisions like section 7 and 8″, said.

The sale of the bank has left government with 25% shares while 75% belongs to FDH and similar with National Bank-Inde Bank deal.