Kabwila -DPP knows Chakwera is the leader

Kabwila -DPP knows Chakwera is the leader

LILONGWE (Malawi NewsNow) –Malawi Congress Party (MCP) says its president and opposition leader Dr Lazarous Chakwera is a hot political brand that governing Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) is failing to cope without mentioning and castigating him due to inferiority challenge.

This comes as President Prof.Peter Mutharika and his cabinet and senior DPP leaders have been pouring insults on Mr Chakwera during DPP rallies, describing him as a man who cannot be trusted as a political leader because he run away from serving God as a reverend to venture into politics for selfish motives.

MCP Publicity Secretary Dr Jessie Kabwila says the party is devising plans to deal with the DPP insults.

“You cannot continue castigating the party and think that we will take it lying down, it reaches a point where you say this is too much the team of public relations is looking at it with an eagles eye.

“The first thing as Malawi Congress Party is that we are very interested in the kind of attention they are giving to our leader, they have their leader, they can’t talk about him to people, they talk about one, it only shows the kind of fear they have towards Chakwera, the kind of fear they have with MCP.

“What is worrying with the DPP is that instead of solving the myriad of problems facing Malawians, they would rather castigate Dr Lazarus Chakwera, they castigate MCP and they are throwing stones that can’t hit anything because they are missing the target, everything they say doesn’t mean anything”, say Kabwila.

She accuses DPP of continuing to promote salvage politics, saying” Malawians don’t want politics of insults”.

Kabwila says: “What Malawians want ant is their hospitals to run.They want education sector to run, they want this crisis to end, they want their Kwacha not to be K530 at the black market to the dollar, they want the economy to improve, they want farming to improve.

“Our advice to the DPP is, fix the problems, do not waste time castigating Chakwera, Chakwera is a very popular brand, as a party we are moving on even though the election was stolen from us, we know its a wrong party in government, they should solve cashgate issues affecting the country rather than castigating innocent people.

“They know things are not working, so what do you do when things are not working and you are failing, you start castigating others, they should know that politics of castigation will take them nowhere and they are digging their own grave.”

But DPP spokesman Mr Francis Kasaira denies that the DPP leaders are enjoying Chakwera, saying the ruling party was only pointing on the wrong of the opposition just as the MCP and Peoples Party (PP) also enjoy doing the same on government

“By saying so and so abandoned their calling for politics we are only saying the truth, where is the element of castigation in such a statement?” says Kasaira.

DPP says will continue to conduct more political rallies across the country.