LILOGWE (Malawi NewsNow) -Malawi ‘s self styled queen of hip-hop, emcee Rina, has said hip-hop music “is all about bragging.”

Rina said in an interview on a showbiz online news, Nyasa: “ If Lady Pace feels she is the best femcee in Malawi then hey, that’s her opinion. She’s entitled to it. But she doesn’t really fall into the Hip Hop genre. She has interesting content and it’s nice that we finally have a northern girl on the music roster. However, it’s too early to call yourself the best at anything. Humility will keep you long in the industry.

“And there is a thin line between confidence and cockiness, but if anything, this statement she’s made is going to call out female rappers so hey, I guess it’s good ‘cause it’s competition. I’ve never said I’m the best, I never will. But I’m pretty damn good at what I do.”

Rina said: “ In the music industry, you need to earn your place. Fight for it. It doesn’t count as a fight if you’re the only one in the ring.  It’s a good stunt for her though. She’s getting a lot of publicity. Well done other than that. We all should focus on letting the music speak to the people. You can’t play two roles at the same time. Either you’re an artist or you’re a listener.”

She advised female emcees to  support, guide each other and work together.

“ You see the male artists forming cliques and groups representing great causes like the UNFPA Malawi artist reps. We need to do the same! I support Lady Pace and her endeavours and any other female MC. My advice is “Earn your place”. This industry can crucify you quick and the fall is harder for women,” said Rina.