Chilima addressing the rally in Ndirande

Chilima addressing the rally in Ndirande

BLANTYRE (Malawi NewsNow)-Malawi Vice president Saulos Chilima has dropped a major hint that there is a bitter cold war  in the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) when he warned party functionaries to guard against “confusionists.”

In an apparently short but loaded speech, Chilima said at a rally at Ndirande Malabada Constituency in Blantyre, the DPP is rearing “snakes” in its machinery which may come to bite it hard.

He emphasised on self-discipline, advising DPP members to desist from attacking those holding different views as the critics target Mutharika when hitting back.

He told “Mr President, njoka saweta (snakes cannot be reared)……..ena anayesera kuweta nzawo koma ma pet ake anawadyera mwana (some tried to rear a python but it ended up killing their child). Those joining us should just come to help build the nation. But if you start confusing matters the situation won’t be alright,” said Chilima.

“I am urging all confusionists to have self discipline. A good President has welcomed you, why don’t you just give a hand where necessary. Aliyense anamugawira ntchito yake (the President gave each one of us a specific role to play)”, Chilima said.

Chilima called for intra-party unity, saying politics of confrontation will not develop Malawi.

During the rally, Mutharika implored Malawians to change their attitude if the country is to develop because; he observed that currently there is too much fighting which is “like taking a gun to kill a fly”.