DPP cadets L-R Chapita, Phoya, Chimkango and Meke.

DPP cadets L-R Chapita, Phoya, Chimkango and Meke.

THYOLO (Franklin Jumbe, Malawi NewsNow ) —The Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) youths popularly known as cadets have expressed their anger following a widely circulated press statement emanating from state house duly signed by Presidential Secretary Gerald Viola which attacked good governance activist-cum-barrister Z Allan Ntata.

Ntata, who also served as an advisor to late Malawi President Bingu Wa Mutharika, has in a pure show of patriotism for his country, been giving constructive criticism to president Mutharika.

The said state house statement savagely attacked Ntata for his noble cause and further submitted that he (Ntata) is leading a group of disgruntled individuals who vigorously campaigned for the then opposition DPP to bounce back to power during the 2014 chaotic tripartite elections.

“These individuals are led by Mr Z Allan Ntata who had his own expectations when the DPP took over power in May 2014,” in part reads the statement.

However, following this statement, a heavy internal fighting is going on among the Cadets and the venue is their closed facebook group called FRIENDS OF DPP which our source monitored, a platform where these cadets strategies for their party.

These cadets have strongly accused Presidential Press Secretary Gerald Viola of being an undoubted incompetent for having authored what they branded as a ‘childish’ statement probably under the blessing of Mutharika’s advisor on communication and strategy, Bright Malopa.

“This statement is childish…since when has Ntata started leading DPP campaigners who are not in government jobs?” asked Greyson Chapita on the conversation which our source closely monitored.

Kondwani Manuke chipped in;

“The way we are handling our PR leaves alot to be desired. We can do better!”

Chapita again came scattering pearls of wisdom to his fellow cadets saying:

“This is like giving a middle finger to all DPP guys that did not get government jobs. It’s as if we all were campaigning for DPP to get government jobs…

Cadet Kondwani Manuke commented: “So sad. And I wonder if we take time to reflect what the implications such kind of statements will bring.”

Manuke added saying “I urge the PR team to take time and do a public opinion research. Most people have started losing trust in our government. The hope people had is slowly waning and if we will not properly handle our communications, I am afraid to say this; we will have a tough ride ahead.”

Another cadet calling himself Banet Meke who happens to be a board member of one of the parastatals had this to say:

“But Gerald Viola who and who are in the frustrated fellas who were not given jobs? From you, how many people campaigned and have been awarded jobs?

“I hope you heard it well when the president said that no one is indispensable Gerald Viola, by the way atangoti ma frustrated fellas wa atulukile pamodzi uwakonda iwe Gerald Viola? ndigulutu. Is our HE (Mutharika) aware that not many are eating mpunga?

“Koma tizitidi ndi HE wanena kapena ndi Viola in his personal capacity?” he said before Chapita concluded by demanding state house to give them an apology over their despicable handling of communication to the public that side.

Ntata is currently the centre of attention in Malawi following President Mutharika’s move to drag him to court for defamation. The lawsuit is said to emanate from one of the articles he recently published.

However, Ntata seem not to be shaken as he has send a warning signal to Mutharika and who so ever will stand on his way in the pursuit of his noble cause that they must be prepared to deal with him.

“So let me say to those who would dare to play their cunning tricks and interfere with my pursuit of justice and my fight against your governance failures and corruption scandals, beware, for they must be prepared to deal with me when I expose them to the Malawian people,” forcefully wrote Ntata in an article which has won the minds of his doubters that is if the comments of members of the general public on the social media and online news publications platforms are anything to go by.

In the same article, Ntata however said Mutharika can silence him on three conditions and these are “to stop being a puppet, take charge, and countermand those that are hurting the country’s journey to economic prosperity.”