Rex Chapota -CISANET Board Chairperson

Rex Chapota -CISANET Board Chairperson

LILONGWE (Malawi NewsNow) –Advances in science and technology that have taken place worldwide offers Malawi more opportunities with new and better tools needed to promote its agricultural productivity, says Mr Rex Chapota the board chairperson of the Civil Society Agriculture Network (CISANET), a grouping of local and international organization .

CISANET says its high time Malawi start embracing the use of science and technology in a bid to increase their agricultural productions.

“Agriculture being the main stay of our economy, our prosperity as a country, will depend on it for many years to come. This therefore calls for significant efforts to modernize our agriculture through the application of science and technology,” says Chapota.

He however says there is need for “political will” to embrace new agricultural model of farming to revive the nation’s economic growth.

CISANET chairperson calls on political leaders to be champions of strategic thinking in development policy planning and implementation.

Chapota says CISANET t believes that science and technology “must be at the center of our programming and investments if any meaningful changes are to be made in our pursuit of value chains development and agricultural industrialization.”

CISANET is a grouping of Civil Society Organisations that was established in 2001 to facilitate the engagement of the Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) working in the agriculture sector with Government over policy issues affecting the sector especially smallholder farmers.

Currently, the network has a membership (including affiliates) of 104 and this membership comprises of NGOs both local and International, Farmer Organisations and interested individuals. It also has a wider range of partners outside its membership who also have an interest in policy issues in agriculture and food security.